How to Increase Google Ranking Your Websites Quickly

How to Increase Google Ranking Your Websites Quickly

What is Google Ranking?

Google is one of the giant search engines at this moment. Many peoples like this search giant for giving much information instantly. Billions of peoples daily search their essential information different search engines. But between all searches, Google uses about 74% peoples. So we discuss now How to Increase Google Ranking Your Websites Quickly. While we search different times our necessary things from Google then we see different information showing in front our sights. It’s called a Google techniques.

Google Ranking

Every page showing from every website. But it’s a necessary question that what’s are showing first and why? We called a secret SEO or secret techniques. You can get your website’s different pages on the first page from Google search if you use some easy ways. It is very important ways for success in blogging life. If you failed to show your pages on the first page then you get some traffic not huge. So Google ranking is the main factor for launching a website. Lets we will learn how to possible for getting Google ranking.

 Let’s learn How to Increase Google Ranking-

 1. User Experience : 

 Always Google changed ranking factor which is essential for its policy. Because this search engine wants to serve its users. Google wants to give its update service for users. Last 2014 Google launched their new Search Algorithm policy. Just 2015 and 2014 is the same Algorithm policy will use this search giant. Which is the new factor of Google policy User Experience is most important.

Just this policy…

CTR + Bounce rate + Average time on site = User Experience.

2. CTR : 

Click through rate means CTR. Just means it when your page showing search result then how much click get your pages just means ratio. If your pages get more click then grow more CTR. Huge CTR is better for any websites. So improving CTR rate must you get more visitors from search engines.

 3. Bounce Rate :

Lets about bounce rate mean what is bounce rate? Bounce rate means while any traffic enters your site then how much time stay on your site. If any traffic stays on your site or pages huge time then your site’s bounce rate is low. But any visitors when entering your sites and stay in sometimes then bounce rate your website will be high. So low bounce rate is better than high. Below 50% bounce rate is better for any website’s. But it is more better 25-30% bounce rate for your website’s.

 4. Average Time on Site : 

It’s a easy matter for site’s. Every users stay what’s time in your site’s it is called average time. Just example one visitor stay in 5 minutes and another visitor stay in 1 minute, therefore average time will be 5+1=6/2=3 minutes. So we are sure that more average time better than less average time. If your websites average time is better then your site must will be ranking in Google search engine.

So if you want to grow user experience your sites then must be your site will be a better and resourceful. On the other hand if you increase user experience must use attractive post title when you write a content. When one visitor read more post or content then he use more time in your website. Here you can make a more internal link, because if one visitor can enter one page to another pages. Now you think it is a difficult ways? If it’s a difficult it is a right way to increase Google ranking in any pages.
“Jhon Limbocker” a great SEO expert already told that if you have no good user experience just make it. Try hard and soul and you will gain. So above the four points are useable to increase Google ranking. We have learned How to Increase Google Ranking Your Websites Quickly.
Over 100 Google Products List & Services [Updated]

Over 100 Google Products List & Services [Updated]

Update Google Products List :
Everybody we know what is google. It is the search engine
giant in the world. Google is the popular search engine than others. But google has many products outside this search engine. Now we follow this product which has the search giant List of Update Google Products.

Top Google Products :

Google search: Google search engine. It uses maximum internet user in the world. Besides, it is the famous for search search result. It is the popular of Google Products.
AdMob: It promotes the mobile app. It is the most important of Google Products.
Android:  It is the most important product into the all products of google. It is just an operating system of google. Now it uses in the whole world.
Blogger: It is a free blogging platform for bloggers.
Darter: This google team improves their new language programing. It helps the google for improving  their all technology sites.
Google Account Activity: You can know about this product what did you all months in all Google Products.
Google Ad Planner: It is a free media planning tool. From it you can know about your website visitors. All visitors from where they enter your website. You can clearly justify it.
Google Adsense: It is a contractual advertising system of google. You can publish this ad your website for contact the google.
Google Adwords:  It is the advertising system of google. What are the important key words you can know easily to this.
Google affiliate Network: It payments for all time online marketing. It is the affiliation section of google.
Google Alerts: It is the interesting Google Products. It is the news site on google. By email you can receive all news. It is sent from the google.
Google Analytics: It helps your site for improving. It is the important things for your website.
Google Answers: Who are use the search result on google for their research it is the importance for them. This product for the search engine optimizer.
Google Apps: It is the software which uses the information of a mailing.
Google App Engine: It is the app engine of google which help your computer running. It is building the structure of google.
Google Base: It is the place where you can submit your online and off-line content.
Google Blog Search: It is the good way and from this way you can get your blog from here.
Google Bookmarks: You can save your valuable site on this   Google Products.
Google Browser Size:  Here you can see how many visitors and where they visit every day. So it is the important side in the Google Products.
Google Calendar: It is the extraordinary idea of google. When you use this calendar google you notified it from the email or mobile message. Like google notified you any event or program. So it is the most valuable Google Products.
Google Cars: It is the rules of google search. All types of cars and its price you can know so easily from this google car. It is so helpful when you buy a car.
Google Chrome: It is the browser of google. Who are known what is internet they all known what is google chrome.
Google Chrome book: Different laptop in different company you can collect from this google product.
Google Code:  Many developers can know about google development about this Google Products.
Google Contacts: When you use the google contact then you can keep any contact number or any person’s contact number. Even about others you can write and can save it. Generally, we use diary for it. Besides, you can use it with the Android phone and you can use contact apps and save it.
Google Dashboard: It is the general view system of google. What’s the product of google you as you can see this at a glance.
Google Desktop:  It is the google desktop tool of google desktop. You can download it and can use all products by this  Google Products.
Google Developers: It is the inspired of all developers. Because google gives all developers in googles to hear. So it is the inspire side of google.
Google Drive: It is the good system of google. Google gives us 15 GB space and we can use this space for uploading. If you want it, sharing it is possible too.
Google Fiber: It is the broadband connection systems of google. It is the google challenge. It can better serve to the others connections. It is visible some locality.
Google fonts: You can collect many fonts by use this google font. If you want to download it easily can you.
Google glass: It is the new product of google. It is the extraordinary Google Products. It is the type of sunglass but it has huge power. All people in the world want to know what it is.
Google Go: It is the programming language of Goole.
Google Goups: you can discuss here in common subject of google. If you want to know anything can it easily here.
Google Hangouts: It is the live conversion system of google. Here you can easily chat from the video or photo.
Google Image search: When you are searching the any image on google rapidly you get it. Besides, if you firstly gives the any image the search engine at the same time you see where have the link of this image’s.
Google Mail: We everybody known to the gmail. Maximum people in the world use this gmail. It can do different letter, send anywhere in the world. So it is the most important  Google Products.
Google Mobile: You can do upgrade your mobile from this free product of google.
Google Maps: It is the so important about google product. Because we can know any place from this google map. It is the powerful site for google.
Google Music: Here you can upload your favorite music.
Google Nexus: It is the googles mobile phone. It is an important Google Products. This mobile is made by google.
Google Play: It is the digital platform who uses the android. Besides, it called the play store platform for users of android.
Google Plus: It is the social networking site on google. Just it is they like on Facebook.
Google Profiles: If anyone wants to know about you rapidly they could know about you. Above the List of Update  Google Products is most important for anyone.
Google Products

More Products by Google:

Text Cube
i Google
Google WiFi
Google website optimizer
Google webmaster tools
 Google web history
Google web fonts
 Google web Accelerator
Google voice
Google tv
Google translate
Google toolbar
 Google thinks
Google tasks
Google tag manager

Different leader of Google:


Larry Page: CEO and co-Founder.

Larry page

Eric E. Schmidt: Executive Chairman.


Sergey Brin: Co -Founder.

Sergey Brin

Nikesh Arora:Senior Vice President.

Nikesh Arora

David C. Drummond: Senior Vice President.

David C. Drummond

Patrick Pichette: Senior Vice President.

Patrick Pichette
How to Add Google Maps in Your Own Websites

How to Add Google Maps in Your Own Websites

What is Google Maps?

Many websites home pages are adjusting in Google maps. On the other hand many websites have a contact or directions page where setup Google maps. Now we detailing here How to Add Google Maps in Your Own Websites. You can use Google maps to create a customized map and embed it just on your websites. In this post I will share how you use this map and setting in your websites. Lets we learn how to add it.


Creating a Google Maps :

1. Log into your Google account
2. Navigate to Google Maps
3. Enter the search location bar and put any place name and click enter button.

Embedding Google Maps in Your Websites :


1. In the upper left corner where the browser winder, click the link button.
2. Already you will get few options from which to choose.
Now use the first URL code to grab only a link to the Google Maps. If you want to embed the map into your websites use the second code. 
3. Have more options, then click the customize and preview embedded map link. You can must customize size, see the preview of this map and copy the HTML code to paste in your websites.
4. Go to your website where you want to add Google Maps.
5. Click the Edit tab and paste uppers any one code and click the save button.
6. Be sure that the text format is set to Full HTML. In the body field paste the embed code. We have learned How to Add Google Maps in Your Own Websites.

7. Links to the  Google Maps

Google Maps
How to Host your Websites on Google Drive Free

How to Host your Websites on Google Drive Free

How to Host Websites on Google Drive :

If you want to host your websites quickly but don’t have access any server, then Google Drive can you help instantly. It’s alish any kind of static content on your websites including HTML pages, images, CSS, icons, audio and video files including podcasts. Here details How to Host your Websites on Google Drive Free.

It’s a new feature of Google Drive. Google has added it recently. You can serve up web content from your Google Drive folder. The Google developer sites has already published more detailing about it. But essentially, besides having the folder and site a great alternative in Google Drive. You can easily use Google Drive to host basic websites even both basic and complex JavaScript based web apps. Here you can upload and assets public, you also need to link to the files in the folder using a “webView” link code. If don’t have an index.html file  in the folder must Drive will display a list of the folders content.
If you don’t want to spring for your web hosting it’s could come in really handy. You can do publish here a photo gallery, an online resume or your personal start page. But there is no bandwidth or other any limitations yet. If you have any questions about it you can must keep an eye on the discussion on Stack Overflow. Now must will get How to Host your Websites on Google Drive Free.
Announcing Google Drive Site Publishing.
Host Websites on Google Drive


How to Get Email Reports of Your Google Drive Activity

How to Get Email Reports of Your Google Drive Activity

The giant Google Drive site includes an activity stream to support you monitoring changes to different files an folders containing in your Drive. When you upload file then move a file from one folder to another folder or change the sharing permission then your actions will get logged. Who are the continue users for their beneficial it and who have shared files in their Drive that can be edited by external users.
The activity Stream is not available inside the mobile apps you must have to log into the Google Drive website which daily to see what’s files and folders have changed recently.
Google Drive

 What’s Changed in your Google Drive 

It’s a simple workaround. Instead of checking or observing simply. You can configure a Google Sheet and you will send it a daily email report (screenshot) of all files in your Drive that have been modified in the last 24 hours. It takes only 30 seconds to setup the monitoring.
1. If you make a copy of the Drive monitor in your Google Drive Click here.
2. Now put your email address in the cell E1 where highlighted in yellow point.
3. When you chose your spreadsheet from the menu file then settings and choose your default Time zone. This Time zone will use when the will be modified.
4. Go to the Google Drive Report menu sheet and select the Authorize (see below the screenshot). For access allow the script to your Drive. It essential to do this to know what’s changed.
5. Now go to the report menu again and select schedule reports. You see the script is running background and it will send email you the Drive report every 24 hours. Now you will get the first report recently or immediately.Related: Create a Tree View for Google Drive for File Navigation Easily
After that choose the Google sheet for monitoring file changes in the background, running once every 24 hours. Whenever you would like to stop the daily notifications, mean time open the same sheet and select uninstall from the menu. Especially Google Script is doing all the magic!!
Google Drive
Top Search Engines List 2016 – Most Popular

Top Search Engines List 2016 – Most Popular

 Top Most Popular Search Engines :

Google – No essential for further introductions about top search engines. The top in Search Engines giant Google the first place in search with a stunning difference of 50% from second in place Bing. According to the latest report (October 2014) 70.5% of searches were powered by Google and 24% by Bing. Google is also dominating the mobile/tablet or others Search Engines market share with 90%!


  • Top Search Engines



  • Bing – Bing is Microsoft’s attempt to challenge Google in the location of search but despite their efforts they still did not manage to convince users that their Search Engines can produce best results than Google. It is another top between top search engines.

    Search Engines

  • Yahoo – From October 2011 Yahoo search is powered by Bing. Yahoo is still the most popular top search engines email provider and according to reports holds the third place in search.

    Search Engines



  • Ask – Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, receives approximately 3.5% of the search share.

    Search Engines – According to netmarketshare the old time famous AOL is still in the top 10 Search Engines with a market share that is close to 0.7%. 


  • Search Engines



  •  Wolframalpha – Wolframalpha is different that all the others Search Engines. They market it as a Computational Knowledge Engine which is can give you facts and data for a number of topics.



Search Engines


  • DuckDuckGo – Has a number of advantages over the others Search Engines. It has a clean interface, it does not track users, it is not fully loaded with ads and has a number of very nice features (only one page of results, you can search simply other web sites etc).



  • Search Engines





  • WayBackMachine – is the internet archive Search Engines. WayBack is most popular in this moment.


Search Engines



  • – According to alexa is the 8th most popular Search Engines with a ranking position of 290 in the US. It is similar to where users can ask or answer a particular questions.


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