You Cannot Believe it, Facebook sale your personal Message

You Cannot Believe it, Facebook sale your personal Message

We are all who are users of Facebook certainly believe that
Facebook is the secured place where we can send our personal message to others. But it is not right.

Facebook sales our personal message to others place and earn so much money from sales this message. Many newspapers in the world published in this information.
But Facebook has already denied this claim. This news first published in the USA against in one case. They published that Facebook is not secured for any message.
Because this social networking site sales in any personal message for their earn money. On the other hand we totally believe this social networking site.
We think that it is the secured site where we can share in ours any personal news or message which we send our friends or others. But it is not reality what we think.
Recently California from the USA has claimed Facebook misunderstands their clients that Facebook is absolutely secure and their every client can receive and send their each message.
But the collectors of Facebook collect much information to the Facebook. After the collectors of Facebooks information this information sale third party and they earn huge money.
The Facebook users Mathew Campbell and Michael Harley has submitted this claim. Recently the most important newspaper the Telegraph published that some important shareholder personal information has flashed from the Facebook.
As a result in this matter they easily claim on Facebook. The claimer claims that Facebook has sold their information to others.
More claim has against the social networking site Facebook that this site continues sale any information to the different advertiser. But Facebook denied all claims.
The authority of Facebook announced never they publish in any personal information on any person. Facebook already announced that this claim has no reality.
It is imagining for the claimer and every Facebook users are secured in using this.
Facebook more announced that they will go to the court against this claim.
What is Twitter actually About

What is Twitter actually About

Twitter is a social network and  actual-time communication

service launched in 2006 and used by millions of people and organizations to  rapidly share and discover information.

What is Twitter
The whole word Twitter comes  to the frequent chirping sound made by birds, hence the bird used in the Twitter logo.
The Users can access the site via the web and mobile devices to exchange frequent bite-size  latest of information called ‘tweets’ which are messages of up to 140 characters long that  anybody can send or read.
These messages or tweets are public by default and  countable to all those who are following the tweeter. Twitter allows you to the  follow other users you are interested in so that you’ll see their  latest on your home page, which is an aggregate feed of  total  the accounts you’re following.
Users sharing  these tweets which are micro-bits of information that can contain things like photos, videos, quotes, article links and more others.  Every  tweet can also have replies from other people creating  actual-time conversations around hot topics,  latest news and interesting new content.

What is Twitter
Twitter was  visible to disrupt the traditional point-to-point messaging systems like email by providing this one-to-many others  interface for rapid content delivery and searching.
But Twitter has evolved  into  more than just an actual -time communication tool into one of the world’s leading sources of social discovery and newsworthy events.

This open networking environment has also led to an entire ecosystem built around the Twitter platforms coined the ‘Twitter verse’ where creative people, designers, marketers and businesses can be flourish together.

What is Twitter
History of Twitter
Twitter  actually started off as a Pod casting company called Ode before pivoting into the micro blogging  service we know and love today. If it wasn’t for Apple releasing podcasts via iTunes and scaring Ode out  the water, we might be of never got Twitter!
Facebook’s Importance and What it is

Facebook’s Importance and What it is

Facebook's ImportanceFacebook is a famous and popular
free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload pictures  and video, send messages and keep in touch  with friends, family and other colleagues.
The site, what is  generally in 37 different languages, includes public features such as:
Marketplace –  permit members to post, read and respond to classified ads.Events  Groups –  permit members who have common interests to find each other and interact
.Allows members to publicize an event, allows guests and track who plans to attend.Pages –permit  members to create and promote a public  page  built around a specific topic.Presence technology – allows members to see which contacts are internet and chat.
Within every member’s privacy  profile, there are several key networking components. The maximum popular is arguably the Wall, what is essentially a virtual bulletin board. Messages left at a member’s Wall can be text, video or pictures.
Others popular component is the virtual Photo Album.  Pictures can be uploaded from the desktop or directly from a cell phone camera. There is no limit on quantity, but Facebook staff will delete  inappropriate or copyrighted images.
An interactive album feature permits the member’s contacts (who are called generically called “friends”) to comment on every others photo and identify (tag) people in the photos. Others popular profile component is Status Updates, a micro blogging feature that permits members to broadcast little Twitter-like announcements to their friends.

Facebook's Importance
All interactions are published in a News-feed, which is distributed in pure-time with the member’s friends. 
Facebook offers a distance of  private options to its members.  A member can  build all his communications  abilities to everyone, he can block specific connections or he can keep all his communications privacy. 

Members can  like whether or not to be searchable,  decide  what parts of their profile are public’s, decide what not to put in their news feed and determine certainly who can see their posts. For those members who wish to use Facebook to communicate personally , there is a message feature, which closely resembles to email.
On May 2007, Facebook opened up its  development platform to  permit third-party developers to build applications and widgets that, once permitted, could be distributed through the Facebook community.
 In May 2008, Facebook authority and engineers announced Facebook Connect, a cross-site initiative that  permits users to publish interactions with third-party partner sites in their Facebook News feed and others. 

The Privacy information Facebook now makes Public

The important social networking site Facebook
  take a scheduled to prevent information every  user in Facebook.
Separately  European peoples are most important in this area. The European government wants to save their individual information. Already the European maximum government searching information who uses the Facebook.
United states want to search the same information. America is a sensible country for everything. American government already sent to list who’s information needs to the government.
At first the Facebook authority could not agree give in any information the Facebook users. Because the Facebook users are most important for Facebook authorities. They can not give any information to others.
After that the USA government sent their message to get someone information who is listed in the USA. Not only the USA but also European many countries does want to same activities. So Facebook authority announced many rules of the users.
Recent  news near about one hundred and twenty six crores people use this social networking site. Many of the others are fake. They use their fake name. It is harmful to the Facebook.
Who are the fake users Facebook authority want to marking their. So this authority  announced some rules. Any users cover photo, profile picture and other information  flow and justified Facebook authority.
Unknown peoples if anybody wants to friendship it is the difficult marking for Facebook. Any problem for this site want to avoid these authorities.
They know someone has crime to give The USA and others countries. So called the private information Facebook now makes public.
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