RevenueHits Review – Make Sure $1,000 Per Month

RevenueHits Review – Make Sure $1,000 Per Month

Now I would like to introduce one of the favourite ad networks revenuehits reviews. I have been using this ad networks and my friends and readers to earn near about $1,000 per month from the several websites. This popular network is called RevenueHits and I had no idea about this ad network until last six months for its business policy.

RevenueHits Review

One day we were discussing ad networks revenuehits review which can bring a lot of money using it our websites. Just like as Google Adsense and others. Then one friend told me about quick and lot of earning from the Revenuehits. Then he told me excluding Google Adsense.

Firstly I was hesitant, I must say, but I like to give a try to new ad network just different ad network because I think if it is the new network then will can possible to earn huge money or boost our earnings.

In fact, Revenuehits has worked well for all time for me, many of my readers that it has earned a lot of money of Google Adsense alternatives.

I know well and I know it works for us because they give me to return and cause their referral program gives us stats an idea of how it’s working for others too.

Revenuehits is owned and operated by the MyAdWise Ltd. It is the privately held Israeli based start-up company and it founded 2008 by an experienced team who were the tech professionals, finance experts and truly successful online marketers. I am showing up the revenuehits review here.

If you want to interest here then Sign Up as a publisher with Revenue hits just Clicking here or click the image above the get started.

After clicking above for sign up about Revenuehits review you will need to fill up your data including your website and mobile, URL, category and a short description for getting accepted. I am so glad they have an immediate approval system of all will be accepted and processed it quickly.

After that just fill up your personal information including name, phone and password and then click continue. Just which are need to keep there perfectly.

Finally, you will decide how to get your payment. They will propose you Paypal, Payoneer or Wire transfers. Their payment threshold must be as low as $20. It is the most beneficial side for every user. Like Adsense Pay their threshold minimum $100.

Dashboard of RevenueHits

While your account will be successful then you will find a good-looking dashboard with an attractive user interface. So I highly recommend you for sign up for Revenuehits review. You see some alternatives look like they were back designed in 1995-2000.

Below you see your stats including impressions, clicks, eCPM and Revenue from the last one week. So if you want to make a new account to Revenue hits then can you follow the above easy steps to sign up.

First you should need to add your website URL and after then select a new placement to add. A placement is an add designed to be some place in your website. They have several type of ads including.

  • Banners
  • PopUnders
  • Slider
  • Shadowbox
  • Top Banner
  • 158*21 button
  • Interstitial
  • Footer

PopUnders and Interstitial is the most popular and worked it great for anyone with several networks because the click rate can be actually high and you don’t need to get clicks in your banners to make money.

Maximum I have seen Revenuehits click rates going from $0.5 CPM and Up to $25 or more per CPM that depend hole which countries traffic and what type of traffic receiving it. Mostly it depends in the country basis like as UK and USA people’s click can get you higher CPM and Asian or South asian traffic can give you low CPM. So western country’s traffic is very valuable for getting High CPM.

Now you want to select your type of ads, just you need to fill up the basic information with a name, your website where you going to put your ads.

Select your ad and if you selected a banner ad you will find another dropdown menu (following below) from the different sizes similar like get with Google Adsense. I have never found banner ads to be really good with any pop traffic network but make sure you give them a try before ditching them off completely.

I highly recommend is to use PopUnders and Interstitial to your websites.

RevenueHits Ads vs Adsense Ads

It’s so difficult to compare between the Revenue hits and Adsense ads because Revenue hits is the great ad networks for popup and not banners like Adsense. But I have been able to generate a lot of money from the Revenuehits and its CPA model compared to Adsense. Specially niches sites can grow more CPA from the RevenueHits than other ad networks.

If you got more traffic from the mobile apps or mobile traffic then you can earn huge money from the revenue hits there using Interstitial ads. Sometimes I have seen eCPM from the RevenueHits upto $30-100 up.

You can use different ad units in your website from making the RevenueHits. Some vertical ads I recommend you to use your websites.

  • Mobile
  • Shopping
  • Dating
  • Coupons
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Software

RevenueHits Payment System

While I have known about RevenueHits earning system then I started working with this. A few months ago I Started with RevenueHits and I have got much revenue from this ads network. I have earned from my referral ads which I keep my websites. Per referral, I earned $10 and 2nd month I able to receive $100 from the ten referrals. After second months my earnings from here up to $500+. Hope I will able to reach near about $1,000 per month.

On the other hand, anyone can grow their earnings from the RevenueHits if anyone can properly use it.

RevenueHits Contest Summer

RevenueHits just started a summer contest that will last 4 months and here you will be able to win more nice prizes according to your Revenue. I think everybody has a great chance to win here and I must say I am so impressed with the giveaway.

See some of the prizes below from RevenueHits.

More PPC Advertising Networks

RevenueHits is a great PPC advertising networks that pay their advertisers for their using results. For us just means publishers they are basically PPC/PPV network which depend using a type of ads. You are using and get definitely one of the best results you can find out it must.

Some other networks which you can use your website and can earn money same to RevenueHts.

  1. Yllix
  2. Chitika
  3. Bidvertiser
  4. Adcash Popup
  5. Popads

But remember none of them has given better results than RevenueHits.

                                   Sign Up With >> RevenueHits <<

RevenueHits Review – Over to You

RevenueHits one of the most important ad networks just called it alternatives of Google Adsense. Any publisher can use it referral links too. RevenueHits payment method is very clear and you will get while earning you only $20. Your payment will get every last of the month. It is the most suitable than other ad networks. Many of bloggers already working with this comfortable networks instead of Google adsense. While we searching to Google then we discover many bloggers already use this network with their sites.

So no waste your time and instant can you start with the RevenueHits.

How To Put Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger

How To Put Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger


Why Put Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger

Nowadays Google Adsense is the easiest way to earning huge money. But if anyone wants to earn money from Google Adsense then need them hard work on it. On the other hand here I discuss How to Put Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger. Adsense Ads need to put the right place for more income. Because if you can put Adsense Ads right place then you can get more click on the traffics. So below post title in blogger is a very important place for putting Adsense code. Below post title in blogger blog is the place where you can best CTR from Google Adsense program. So lets we learn how to put Adsense code below post title in blogger.


Put Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger

  • Login to Your Blogger > Dashboard
  • Then Click Drop Down Menu > Template
  • Must Backup Your Template When You any Changes
  • Now Click on > Edit HTML
  • Press > Ctrl+f and Search the Below code
Now Copy and Paste the Below code Just Above <date:post.body/>

<div style=”float: left; margin: 10px 10px 10px 0;”>

Show Adsense Ads on Left Side in Blogger
Adsense ads
If you want to show your Adsense Ads below post title in blogger in left side then copy the below code and put just above <data:post.body/>

<div style=”float: left; margin: 10px 10px 10px 0;”>

Show Adsense Ads on Right Side in Blogger
Adsense ads
 If you want to show your Adsense Ads below post title in blogger in right side then copy the below code and put just above <data:post.body/>

<div style=”float: right; margin: 10px 10px 10px 0;”>


Show Adsense Ads in Center in Blogger

Adsense ads
 If you want to show your Adsense Ads below post title in blogger in center then copy the below code and put just above <data:post.body/>

<div style=”float: center; margin: 10px 10px 10px 0;”>

But at first, make sure your Adsense code converted from the Compatible form. Here you can convert your Adsense codes.
                                Convert Your Adsense Codes
  • Replace YOUR ADSENSE CODE HERE with your converted code.
If you follow the above points you can put Adsense code easily. So we have learned How to Put Adsense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger.
How to Recover Hacked Facebook ID – Ultimate Guide

How to Recover Hacked Facebook ID – Ultimate Guide

We are maximum peoples in the world now a days use different social media like as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and others. But about one hundred and fifty crore peoples use Facebook. Sometimes we are facing many problems when we use this social network. Actually, when we hacked from the others hacker we are many users don’t know How to Find Out Hacked FB ID. Now I will discuss here how to solve after hacked our Facebook account. Let’s we know who are facing this hacking problem.

How to Solve Hacked FB ID

Firstly enter this link. Then click “my account is compromised” option.
Hacked FB ID
After that open a new feature. There keep your phone number or email address or username or your full name for your account selection.
Hacked FB ID
When you put your email or username then click the “search” option. Then you have seen a captcha and put it a security check option. When you select your account then put your old password here.
Hacked FB ID
Lastly here you face a question just about security. Give this questions answer fairly and hope you will be the success to find out your hacked Facebook ID. Actually follow this rules carefully and step by step. So I hope we learned How to Find Out Hacked FB ID.
How to Delete Facebook Search History – Ultimate Guide

How to Delete Facebook Search History – Ultimate Guide

Facebook search history is same to Google searches when we search anything in Google search then it recorded and need to delete facebook search history for safe… Just same factor make when we search anything in our Facebook account. If we want to search later which we were searching in our Facebook account we can find it easily. But many users don’t want to save it their account because keep their account freshness. Maximum want to delete Facebook search history. So they can delete everything which they were searching for their account. Plus, this could lead to some embarrassing situations. Many users share computers and don’t bother to log out of their Facebook accounts. Let’s we know how to delete Facebook search history.

How to Delete Facebook Browsing History

Firstly login your Facebook account and open your profile and click on “activity log” option in the right side.
Delete Facebook Search History
After click on activity log option then we see below picture easily. When you see below option then click ‘More‘ option.
Delete Facebook Search History
After clicking ‘More’ option you must see many options on the left side. Then find out ‘search‘ option and click there.
Delete Facebook Search History

Now show all search history here which you searched all time in your Facebook account. If you want to delete all your search history then you can click ‘clear searches‘ option.

Delete Facebook Search History

After clicking on clear history new option shows now click on “Clear Searches” for all delete facebook search history will be deleted easily.

Delete Facebook Search History

Easily log in to your Facebook Account it is Not Scam way Safe and easy way to you Try it Easily.Hope you Like this article and easily clear your search history.
if you need and help About Blogging Seo Freely Contact us and leave comments.

Facebook Photo Verification Tricks – Ultimate Guide 2016

Facebook Photo Verification Tricks – Ultimate Guide 2016

When you try to open your Facebook photo verification lock then you need :
(1) A white notepad and
(2) A pen.
You need it for marking when you try to open your facebook photo verification lock.
Facebook photo verification

1st Option :

Firstly login your Facebook account and then click the continue option and then entry definite Captcha and click the start menu. After then you see some photos with a name. Now write the photos name in your notepad which you have seen here. Just like as a big tree where sitting a pigeon. Note this point a big tree and a pigeon. While you get every name and every photo name then you marked or note your pad. About after ten minutes try again your photo verification lock and note each point in your pad. If you try again for verification then you see Facebook send you same picture and name which already send you before. Just now you can compare before and after picture and name. I suggest anyone can try it thirdly which to be easy for facebook photo verification lock by Facebook. If you try it again then you can get common picture and name which help you for verification.

2nd Option :

1. Go to Google by others mobile or pc.
2. Now you can try photo verification where you see your six friends name.
3. Write Facebook+ your friends name in Google image search. Like as your friends name sujon bappy. Then you write Facebook+sujon bappy.
4. After that you will get many pictures by Google search. If there any picture will same which you already verified then you sure you are the right way for verification. On the other hand, this pictures will not similar before pictures then you try again left your 5 friends name.
5. Lastly, if you cannot be marked any pictures and name then you can skip 2 questions. After that, if you will fail one question in every part you will pass for verification.
If you will pass for your verification Facebook photo verification then you get your password reset and then you put your new password and must you get your lost Facebook account.
How to Create Blog on Blogger – Ultimate Guideline 2017

How to Create Blog on Blogger – Ultimate Guideline 2017

Create Blog on Blogger

Welcome to Blogger for create blog on blogger your own site. Now I will discuss here How to Create Blog on Blogger. This guide can you help create a blog and you can get main features of blogger.
Firstly to start using blogger simply sign in your Google Account. Already if you have no account just create a New Google Account.
Create Blog on blogger

Part of Settings in Blogger

  1. Create a blog
  2. Dashboard
  3. Overview
  4. Write a post
  5. Add an image
  6. Add a video
  7. Customize
  8. Privacy and permissions

Create a blog

When start a blog on blogger visit the Blogger homepage in blogger and enter your user name and password then click Sign in. After that enter a display name and accept Blogger’s terms and services. Then click the Create a Blog link and get well started. So can you easily Create blog on blogger.
Put an address URL and Blog title. Now choose your blog template which publish as your blog when visit it any visitors. Now create your personal profile where put your personal information. If you fill up it well now you can start blogging.
Create Blog on blogger
Dashboard where listed your all blogs name as always starting your point. You can click on the icons next to them to perform various actions on each blog.
  1. Writing a post : Just click the orange pencil icon for access your post Editor.
  2. Viewing your post : When click the gray icon where write posts then you can see all your blog post.
  3. Everything else : Check out the drop down menu next to the Post List icon for a quick link to :
  • Overview
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Comments
  • Stats
  • Earnings
  • Layout
  • Template
  • Settings
Note : Earnings tab will show only for Adsense using. 
Create Blog on blogger
On the overview tab you can see all your blog activity like visitors, news and tips and recent blog’s of note.

Write your post in blogger

Once you have signed in to Blogger, you will see your dashboard with your list of blog’s. Here is what you need to do :
1. When you write a new post click the orange pencil icon and enter anything what you want to write.
2. Next you will see post editor page. Then put your post title then enter the post itself.
Create Blog on blogger
3. When you publish your post before it click the preview button just look like your post.

Add an image in blogger

When you write a blog post you can add different image with your content. Let’s we learn how to add image with our blog post.
  • The left or right or center options will allow to customize the way your blog test will follow around your image.
  • The image size options will determine how large the image will appear within your post.
Click UPLOAD IMAGES to add your image and after click DONE. When you click on the image then you choose it’s putting place right or left or center. After all you have put an image then publish your post.

Add a video in blogger

Click Browse for select the video file from your computer that you would like to upload. Before upload your video add a title in the “video title box”. Then click UPLOAD VIDEO. It is easy to create blog on blogger.

Customize in blogger

If you want to customize your blog template any time you can it easily. At first you can choose default blogger template. After that you can download in other default blogger templates.
create blog on blogger
Once the template tab, you can either click on the orange Customize button for easy to use. When you click the customize button then you see many default template which one you can choose. On the other hand if you would change HTML code then click the HTML button.
On the other hand if you add different gadgets in your blog template then click the side arrow button in orange pencil icon and select the layout option. There you can add Adsense ads and others gadgets.
create blog on blogger
1. Click Layout from the drop down  menu on your dashboard below the blog you would like to customize.
2. From there for Edit click the Add a Gadget to add new ones.
3. You can add here categories and others from clicking the Add a Gadget.
create blog on blogger
4. When you have added any gadget the click the upper orange icon where write Save Arrangement button.
Now your layout changes will appear instantly.
Privacy and Permission
Starting your put must default and it would be completely public which can read anyone in the world. On the other hand if you want to make it personal it can easily from the setting options. You can change from the Settings > Basic tabs. We have learned How to Create Blog on Blogger.
create blog on blogger
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