How to Create Blog on Blogger – Ultimate Guideline 2017

How to Create Blog on Blogger – Ultimate Guideline 2017

Create Blog on Blogger

Welcome to Blogger for create blog on blogger your own site. Now I will discuss here How to Create Blog on Blogger. This guide can you help create a blog and you can get main features of blogger.
Firstly to start using blogger simply sign in your Google Account. Already if you have no account just create a New Google Account.
Create Blog on blogger

Part of Settings in Blogger

  1. Create a blog
  2. Dashboard
  3. Overview
  4. Write a post
  5. Add an image
  6. Add a video
  7. Customize
  8. Privacy and permissions

Create a blog

When start a blog on blogger visit the Blogger homepage in blogger and enter your user name and password then click Sign in. After that enter a display name and accept Blogger’s terms and services. Then click the Create a Blog link and get well started. So can you easily Create blog on blogger.
Put an address URL and Blog title. Now choose your blog template which publish as your blog when visit it any visitors. Now create your personal profile where put your personal information. If you fill up it well now you can start blogging.
Create Blog on blogger
Dashboard where listed your all blogs name as always starting your point. You can click on the icons next to them to perform various actions on each blog.
  1. Writing a post : Just click the orange pencil icon for access your post Editor.
  2. Viewing your post : When click the gray icon where write posts then you can see all your blog post.
  3. Everything else : Check out the drop down menu next to the Post List icon for a quick link to :
  • Overview
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Comments
  • Stats
  • Earnings
  • Layout
  • Template
  • Settings
Note : Earnings tab will show only for Adsense using. 
Create Blog on blogger
On the overview tab you can see all your blog activity like visitors, news and tips and recent blog’s of note.

Write your post in blogger

Once you have signed in to Blogger, you will see your dashboard with your list of blog’s. Here is what you need to do :
1. When you write a new post click the orange pencil icon and enter anything what you want to write.
2. Next you will see post editor page. Then put your post title then enter the post itself.
Create Blog on blogger
3. When you publish your post before it click the preview button just look like your post.

Add an image in blogger

When you write a blog post you can add different image with your content. Let’s we learn how to add image with our blog post.
  • The left or right or center options will allow to customize the way your blog test will follow around your image.
  • The image size options will determine how large the image will appear within your post.
Click UPLOAD IMAGES to add your image and after click DONE. When you click on the image then you choose it’s putting place right or left or center. After all you have put an image then publish your post.

Add a video in blogger

Click Browse for select the video file from your computer that you would like to upload. Before upload your video add a title in the “video title box”. Then click UPLOAD VIDEO. It is easy to create blog on blogger.

Customize in blogger

If you want to customize your blog template any time you can it easily. At first you can choose default blogger template. After that you can download in other default blogger templates.
create blog on blogger
Once the template tab, you can either click on the orange Customize button for easy to use. When you click the customize button then you see many default template which one you can choose. On the other hand if you would change HTML code then click the HTML button.
On the other hand if you add different gadgets in your blog template then click the side arrow button in orange pencil icon and select the layout option. There you can add Adsense ads and others gadgets.
create blog on blogger
1. Click Layout from the drop down  menu on your dashboard below the blog you would like to customize.
2. From there for Edit click the Add a Gadget to add new ones.
3. You can add here categories and others from clicking the Add a Gadget.
create blog on blogger
4. When you have added any gadget the click the upper orange icon where write Save Arrangement button.
Now your layout changes will appear instantly.
Privacy and Permission
Starting your put must default and it would be completely public which can read anyone in the world. On the other hand if you want to make it personal it can easily from the setting options. You can change from the Settings > Basic tabs. We have learned How to Create Blog on Blogger.
create blog on blogger
Increase Blog Popularity Fast [Ultimate]

Increase Blog Popularity Fast [Ultimate]

1. Facebook :
 Creating a Facebook fan page for blog increase takes about an entire 50 seconds and is a almost a necessity at this point for every blog owner. Considering that 1 in 13 people on EARTH have a Facebook ID there’s really no need to explain why you should be there.
Pro tip: make sure you make a fan page for increase blog and not a group.  Groups messages don’t show up in news feeds making it hard to get in touch with members. Making a fan page will give you a lot of exposure to not only the current members but members friends as well.
2. Twitter :
Every time I write new content I post it to popular social media twitter. If you use the right keywords and make your tweet interesting enough you can get a lot more clickthroughs just from people searching. For increase traffic twitter is awesome.
For example if I write an article about SEO and Google I can tag the end of the tweet with #SEO #Google and anyone that searches for those keywords on Twitter can see my tweet what about the post that I wrote. Be sure to write creative headlines for your posts so people feel the urge to click on them must.
3. Guest Blogging :
Guest blogging is a great way to generate or increase free traffic – all you have to invest is the time to write a good article. Get in touch with the most popular blogs in your industry and ask if they’ll let you write a guest blogging post.
 Most website owners will have not objections to having other people write free content for them. (ask Michael how I know…wink, wink) If you’re having trouble finding blogs to guest post on check out – they have a full community of bloggers that are ready and waiting for your content.
4. Blog Commenting :
Commenting on blog posts written by industry experts with lots of followers can increase your website a lot more traffic. When you post a comment (most) blogs allow you to leave a link back to your website for other readers to check out – as long as you leave an insightful comment you WILL get traffic from your blog comments. Make sure you comment as quickly as possible when your new blog posts go up.
Google Reader setup to alert me when new blog posts are made on the industry blogs I must follow and I comment immediately to lock in my first place spot.
5. Link bait :
The idea of “link bait” refers to creating content that is so extremely useful or entertaining it compels people to link to it must. Put yourself in the shoes of your target demographic and figure out what they would enjoying or what would help them the most for increase traffic. Is there a tool you can making to automate some tedious process? Can you finding enough data to make an interesting infographic? Is there a checklist or cheat sheet that would prove handy to your audience or visitors? The possibilities are nearly endless – survey your visitors or audience and see what is missing or lacking in your industry and fill in the gaps.
Money Making Top Ultimate Blog List 2016

Money Making Top Ultimate Blog List 2016

About Top 10 Highest Money Making Blog :

In this moment in the world many people try to success from blogging.

Someone can success their mission and someone cannot do this. But we know who are searching continue internet already someone blog earn huge money from blogging.
We called it is money making blog. Now I have discussed below according to the Update Top 10 Highest Money Making Blog List. Actually money making from online depend on quality article writing. 
When you make a blog for earnings then you should think about quality article because help for visitors. Many blogger now a days earn huge money from their blog use an adsense or affiliation and others.

If you want to be a successful blogger means money making blog firstly you should determined about your aim. Someone blog highest make money per month even million dollar uses advertisement. Top 10 money making blog earn above thousand and near about million dollar.

Money Making Blog
Actually following the blog which called a Money Making Blog from online. Above thousands of blog earn huge money from online. Lets we try to know about top 10 blog which earn top amount in whole blogging sector means money making blog.
It is the news portal blog site. It published from America. This blog’s owner is a woman in America name’s Arianna huffington. This blog is called huge Money Making Blog. Because it has above crore visitor per month. This blog monthly earn above million dollar about 23,30,000+ US dollar. This blog earn this amount from pay per click and banners advertisement.
Mashable blog site publish about technology and life style news. This blog’s owner name’s Cashmore. It is a top Money Making Blog. This blog per month earn about 5,70,000+ US dollar. Mashable blog site use Google adsense and banner advertisement.
Perezhilton is called a celebrity blog. It publish different celebrity news and gossip.Perezhilton use advertising banners. It has earn per month about 4,50,000+ US dollar. It is the another highest money making blog.
Techcrunch is a technology blog site. Every update technology news publish this money making blog. Into the top 10 Money Making Blog it is the unique name of techcrunch. Techcrunch’s monthly income near about 4,10,000+ US dollar. This earn from advertising just banner advertise. It is the owner of Aringoton.

5. Smashing magazine : 

Coding, web design, tutorial, graphics, wordpress discuss in this blog. Vitaley Friedmen owner in this blog. Into the top 10 earnings blog smashing magazine is a particular blog for it’s blog post. Per month earn this blog 1,95,000+ US dollar from the banner advertise and Google adsense.
Main article in this blog on the fun, food, arts and etc. Jeck dovkin is the owner in this blog. It is use the Google adsense and earn from the pay per click. Monthly income in this blog from the adsense about 1,15,000+ US dollar.

7. Tuts Plus : 

We are about maximum known to the Tuts plus. It is the popular blog site on tutorial. It publish different premium tutorial continuously. Top Money Making Blog tuts plus is unique for it’s particular publishing. Tuts plus earn per month 1,12,000+ US dollar from joining member. Kolis tite is owner this blog.

8. Smartpassiveincome :

It is the owener of great affiliation marketer Pat Flynn. Smartpassiveincome is a affiliation blog. It is the highest money making blog. Per month Pat Flynn earn from this blog 90,000+US dollar. It is the affiliation site. Particularly Pat Flynn is one of the successful blogger on affiliation.

9. Car advice :

About different car news publish this highest Money Making Blog. This blog publish update car information. It is the owner of Albruzz fallah. Per month income in this blog about 75,000+ US dollar. From pay per click this income.
Slashgear is mainly technology blog. Every update technology news publish this blog. Aodision is the owner of this blog. Per month income this blog near about 65,000+ US dollar. So it is called a highest money making blog. Mainly Google adsense use this blog.
Finally above the blog is actually highest money making blog. Different ways above the site earn their money. So above the Update Top 10 Highest Money Making Blog List we get inspiration for blogging. We called is the Make Money blogging.
PR 8 Blog Commenting Sites Ultimate 2016

PR 8 Blog Commenting Sites Ultimate 2016

Blog Commenting Sites List :

Google page rank is the most important for any
blog. Page rank 8 Update Top 50 Dofollow Blog Commenting Site means of the high quality performance in any blog. Some blog’s Page Rank 8 and it is the valuable Blog Commenting Site at this time.

Blog Commenting
Blog’s Name                                                        Page Rank.
18.                                                                   8
27.                                                                       8

50.                                                                         8 Above all site is accurate to

Page Rank 8 Update Top 50 Dofollow Blog Commenting Site


High Page Rank Top Blog List 2016

High Page Rank Top Blog List 2016

Top 50 High Page Rank Blog List :

Follow and comment to below the Update Top 50 High Page Rank Blog.

High Page Rank Blog

1. The Huffington Post   Google Page Rank—8

2. Mashable                              Google Page Rank—8
3. Techcrucch                            Google Page Rank—8
4. Gawker                                 Google Page Rank—7
5. Businessinsider                      Google Page Rank—7
6. Deadspin                              Google Page Rank—8
7. TMZ                                     Google Page Rank—7
8. LifeHacker                            Google Page Rank—7
9. Gizmodo                               Google Page Rank—8
10. The daily Beast                    Google Page Rank—8
11. Jezebel                                 Google Page Rank—7
12. Cheezburger                         Google Page Rank—6
13. Engadget                              Google Page Rank—8
14. Kotaku                                 Google Page Rank—7
15. Perez Hilton                          Google Page Rank—7
16. Boing Boing                          Google Page Rank—8
17. Kottke                                  Google Page Rank—8
18. Dooce                                   Google Page Rank—6
19. Talking points memo               Google Page Rank—7
20. Beppe Grillo                           Google Page Rank—5
21. The Drudge Report                 Google Page Rank—3
22. Xu Jinglei                                Google Page Rank—4
23. Treehugger                              Google Page Rank—8
24. Search Engine Watch               Google Page Rank—7
25. Microsiervos                            Google Page Rank—6
26. Marbury                                  Google Page Rank—1
27. Chez Pim                                 Google Page Rank—5
28. Basic thinking                           Google Page Rank—2
29. The Sartorialist                         Google Page Rank—7
30. Gigazine                                   Google Page Rank—2
31. Greek Tragedy                          Google Page Rank—1
32. Holy Moly                                 Google Page Rank—5
33. Cranky flier                               Google Page Rank—2
34. Go Fug yourself                         Google Page Rank—6
35. Gaping void                               Google Page Rank—6
36. Dirtydirty dancing                       Google Page Rank—4
37. Crooked timber                          Google Page Rank—3
38. The offside                                  Google Page Rank—5
39. Crooks and liars                          Google Page Rank—6
40. Samizdata                                    Google Page Rank—4
41. The daily dish                               Google Page Rank—5
42. Smart passive income                    Google Page Rank–5
43. The F word                                   Google Page Rank—3
44. Popjustice                                     Google Page Rank—5
45. Wowinsider                                   Google Page Rank—6
46. Angry black bitch                           Google Page Rank—6
47. AfterEllen                                       Google Page Rank—6
48. Copyblogger                                  Google Page Rank—7
49. Problogger                                     Google Page Rank—5
50. Stylebubble                                    Google Page Rank—5Above all site is accurate to

Update Top 50 High Page Rank Blog.

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