How to Increase Google Ranking Fast : 10 Killer Ways

How to Increase Google Ranking Fast : 10 Killer Ways

What is Google Ranking?

I will discuss here the important part of search engines such as increase Google ranking fast. Many webmasters or bloggers have already known about it. I will share 10 SEO Techniques to Increase Google Ranking fast. Who are newbies in blogging platform they can know details about it here? When a visitor searches their targeted keyword to the search engines then there your site showing just it’s your search engine ranking. SEO can improve this search result for any website. Search engine ranking is most important for getting huge traffic from different search engines. Let’s know 10 SEO tips for Google Ranking fast.
Increase google ranking fast
Many webmasters published their opinion at different times about search engine ranking. They told that if any blog post while reaching the Google 1st page and between one to three then it receives more than 70% traffic. In case any blog post gets 1st ten post ranking in Google search result then it receives majority traffic always. On the other hand, search engines traffic is most effective for earnings from the affiliate or Adsense. So, every webmaster wants to get to increase Google ranking fast. Let’s know how it’s possible by using some effective and latest techniques.
10 SEO Techniques To Increase Google Ranking Fast

 (1) Keywords Importance

Most important part of SEO makes sure when writing a content. Just it means to put right keywords in right time which can increase Google ranking fast. When you write a better content then first you choose a better keyword. When starting a content put your selected keyword just in its Title and try to keep it first in the title, first in Url, Heading tags and Meta description tags. While you use your main keyword in different places then use some another keyword. It’s a better way to get search engines results. Must use the main keyword near 2% of your full contents. Keyword density means much using it is very harmful to Google Ranking fast.
Matt Cutts video about keyword density-


(2) Meta Data for Best SEO

You should use meta keyword, meta description for your content such as shown above image. It needs to search engines ranking. Because search bot showed a post when a visitor searches their keyword and if you put right meta tags then your content showing first.
While Google or any search engine announced their new algorithm they priority on blog post’s metadata such as focus keyword and description. When we are searching to Google by using some keywords and then Google showing us the perfect result which we are looking. If you sincere then you see each post’s some description show while we searching. It is most effective for increase Google ranking fast. Better metadata can your post better ranking, always we should remember it. If we select right keyword then can get better Google ranking too, such as I am using here ‘increase Google ranking’ it is the best keyword for Google searching. So, be sincere for using keyword and description for better Google ranking fast.

(3) Quality is First for Ranking

Must your post will be best quality’s and trustworthy for your visitors. Don’t write the same thing over and over again. Incomplete or copied text cannot meet the needs of visitors. Visitors enter in your blog post for reading it and the post related others post visit your site.
While we are writing a new post then we should remember that same article or related post title or page URL using is very harmful to blog post that can not increase Google ranking fast. Because, if you use same categories article probably then you can penalty for same nature’s post. On the other hand, unique content always chooses over all search engines. So, need to write fresh content for better Google ranking quickly.

(4) Clean URL for Increase Google Ranking Fast 

How to Increase Google Ranking Fast : 10 Killer Ways

About your post implies that the URL of your post. Must use your main keyword in the URL and try to put it first. Short URL is better than long URL. Difficulty and long URL is not good for SEO.
Most fair and clean URL is so beneficial for getting better increase Google ranking fast. While you research in the different article from Google then you see majority webmasters suggest you using for short URL. Personally, I recommend everyone for using in URL three to five words, because it is easy for crawling by Google bots. Can you follow above multimedia which I used here, just means above my blog post’s screenshot? I said here short URL means three to five word’s URL. Most probably it is the better for latest SEO apply. Famous SEO consultant ‘Brian Dean’ always use permalink in his blog post’s by one to five words. While we search to Google then we see the most important post showing in Google search result it’s a major part of ‘Backlinko’ blog which owner of ‘Brian Dean’. So, think always for short URL instead of long URL such as nine to ten words.
Matt Cutts video about Clean URL-


(5) Linking to Authority Sites


Expensive and high rankings in several major sites you can easily create links to your site for increase Google ranking fast. Until many webmasters creating backlink for a ranking of paramount importance. However, if you create a search engines layout quality backlink from sites that evoke sympathy for them. Naturally, you will need to create more backlinks. For example, a single 40/50 link to create unusual a day. Daily 10 backlinks are better than 50. Besides, when you link to other site’s just means create an outbound link then should it high authority sites. While you linking your post to high authority sites then Google can give your post good position than others. I am suggesting here for creating an outbound link, Wikipedia is best. Remember here, the outbound link will be must to high authority related sites. The outbound link will be must dofollow for increase Google ranking fast. So, linking to authority sites is very important for getting Google ranking better.

(6) Internal Linking Essential

When you make a different link in your same site one page to similar another page it called internal linking. Besides you can build the link to another site, it called outbound or external link. While Google robots crawl your pages then jumping one to another post by internal linking. If we use many interlinking ones to another related post, just means same quality post-Google robots give it the most priority for increase Google ranking fast. Example, Wikipedia using huge internal linking and we see it is the best site in the world. Besides if one minute we follow the best blog such as Shoutmeloud then we see it has huge interlinks for increase Google ranking fast.

(7) Social Activity All Time

Now a days internet depends on social media. Without social media, we can not think out internet professionalism. If you want to publish your site overall in the world then must you would connect important social media. Just it called a social activity. Sharing is the important part of social media. Google and others search engines have a radar section which counts your post sharing. So grow your social activity. I am suggesting here using especially a twitter account. While you share a post here and if it retweets your some another followers then it will reach to huge visitors. Besides, Twitter sharing is most effective for blog post’s ranking. Google+ is another popular social media where anyone can active for getting more traffic. In a long time ago while Google announced their algorithm that time Google gave most priority on total social media activities for Google ranking fast. So, be social and get better rank. Never forget popular Facebook. 

 (8) Fast Loading Page Most Important


How to Increase Google Ranking Fast : 10 Killer Ways

Make sure your page is fast loading time and clean. If you can make sure fast loading time then your visitors can return again. Which is better for growing. On the other hand, your posts language, spelling, and font create good for reading. One analyzing report says that for Google ranking fast need firstly fast loading pages. Google says that which pages open in four seconds then it Google give first priority than others. So, for it needs a quality hosting for a long time Google ranking.
Matt Cutts video about Fast Loading Page-


(9) Regular Post Can Increase Ranking

If you can publish a post to regular ways then Google bot crawl your site again and again. Just you will publish a content daily it is better to your success. But you can publish the post as you wish. Must it be definite times? Some your permanent visitors wait for your new post that you publish. They are wondering if they can not get a new post.
Besides, regular posting can grow any blog’s domain authority and page authority. If you see sometimes Google ranking results then clear that high domain authority pages are showing in 1st page. So we should take care for publish the regular post on our blog for better Google ranking. One a research result, many bloggers said that need weekly minimum publishes two posts for increase Google ranking fast. Just means here monthly 8th post publishing is better for receive much traffic from different search engines. So, be regular and post-publish regular.

(10)  Use Effective SEO Tools

Almost all SEO tools claims will help you better. But there are some tools that are harmful to your sites SEO. However, there are some good tools that really work better. That you need to use SEO tools that really work.
We should our site’s analyzing with the regular basis by different SEO tools, then we can know our site’s performance good or better. I recommend here for some SEO tools such as SEO small tools, SEO centro, Backlink watch, Woorank, Similarweb etc are best for analyzing your sites.


If you can attention above points must you will gain in a short time. So follow the above steps and get more traffic which is the need to successful blogging. I called that content is king and marketing is queen. So be social. We learned 10 SEO Techniques to Increase Google Ranking. Especially without above any points probably not possible to get better Google ranking which is essential for each webmaster. If you think it is helpful for you then can you share it with others?
How to Increase Google Ranking Your Websites Quickly

How to Increase Google Ranking Your Websites Quickly

What is Google Ranking?

Google is one of the giant search engines at this moment. Many peoples like this search giant for giving much information instantly. Billions of peoples daily search their essential information different search engines. But between all searches, Google uses about 74% peoples. So we discuss now How to Increase Google Ranking Your Websites Quickly. While we search different times our necessary things from Google then we see different information showing in front our sights. It’s called a Google techniques.

Google Ranking

Every page showing from every website. But it’s a necessary question that what’s are showing first and why? We called a secret SEO or secret techniques. You can get your website’s different pages on the first page from Google search if you use some easy ways. It is very important ways for success in blogging life. If you failed to show your pages on the first page then you get some traffic not huge. So Google ranking is the main factor for launching a website. Lets we will learn how to possible for getting Google ranking.

 Let’s learn How to Increase Google Ranking-

 1. User Experience : 

 Always Google changed ranking factor which is essential for its policy. Because this search engine wants to serve its users. Google wants to give its update service for users. Last 2014 Google launched their new Search Algorithm policy. Just 2015 and 2014 is the same Algorithm policy will use this search giant. Which is the new factor of Google policy User Experience is most important.

Just this policy…

CTR + Bounce rate + Average time on site = User Experience.

2. CTR : 

Click through rate means CTR. Just means it when your page showing search result then how much click get your pages just means ratio. If your pages get more click then grow more CTR. Huge CTR is better for any websites. So improving CTR rate must you get more visitors from search engines.

 3. Bounce Rate :

Lets about bounce rate mean what is bounce rate? Bounce rate means while any traffic enters your site then how much time stay on your site. If any traffic stays on your site or pages huge time then your site’s bounce rate is low. But any visitors when entering your sites and stay in sometimes then bounce rate your website will be high. So low bounce rate is better than high. Below 50% bounce rate is better for any website’s. But it is more better 25-30% bounce rate for your website’s.

 4. Average Time on Site : 

It’s a easy matter for site’s. Every users stay what’s time in your site’s it is called average time. Just example one visitor stay in 5 minutes and another visitor stay in 1 minute, therefore average time will be 5+1=6/2=3 minutes. So we are sure that more average time better than less average time. If your websites average time is better then your site must will be ranking in Google search engine.

So if you want to grow user experience your sites then must be your site will be a better and resourceful. On the other hand if you increase user experience must use attractive post title when you write a content. When one visitor read more post or content then he use more time in your website. Here you can make a more internal link, because if one visitor can enter one page to another pages. Now you think it is a difficult ways? If it’s a difficult it is a right way to increase Google ranking in any pages.
“Jhon Limbocker” a great SEO expert already told that if you have no good user experience just make it. Try hard and soul and you will gain. So above the four points are useable to increase Google ranking. We have learned How to Increase Google Ranking Your Websites Quickly.
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